Anja Garbarek - Sleep [Official Music Video]
A woman is buried alive. An air pipe goes up to the surface, but she's slowly dying. This animated music video is a journey into the dying woman's mind.

A moth flies down the pipe and acts as the woman's guide, showing her sculptures and details from her life in order to help her make a last decision: to let go.
And it is so strange
With these eyes out into darkness
And it is so strange
All they want to do is sleep
And it is so strange
They want to sleep through silence
And it is so strange
'Cause I am wide awake
And it is so strange
How all this could be over
If you would walk in
If you put me to rest
And it is so strange
That my voice seems to've gone quiet
And even stranger still
That I never will be found

All I want to do
Is to drift away
Hush-a-bye baby
All I want to do is go to sleep
To sleep, to sleep
Made in Blender and After Effects.

Written, directed and animated by Åsmund Bøe
Music by Anja Garbarek (additional music credits in the video.)

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